Edition 17 | Autumn 2023

In this Edition:

  • Opinion: A Year of Fresh Drive and Enthusiasm
  • Equip2's New Look!
  • Customer Profile: CMT Group
  • Case Study: Keestrack Factory
  • Case Study: Keestrack P3 Machine


Entering 2024 with a renewed sense of drive and enthusiasm, Equip2 is energized by the positive wave that comes with a new government and fresh leadership. The increase in confidence resonates across the industries we serve, marking a promising start to the year.

Navigating Change with a 100-Day Plan

With a change in government, widely celebrated and long awaited, there’s a notable upswing in optimism. I’m impressed by their strategic approach, particularly the 100-day plan. It got me thinking, what’s our 100-day plan at Equip2?Regardless of whether we find ourselves ahead or behind budget, having a plan is crucial for navigating challenges and achieving our company targets. It’s a roadmap to success that ensures we don’t just survive but thrive.

The 2 Second Lean Principle in Action

At Equip2, our commitment to continuous improvement takes center stage through the implementation of the 2 Second Lean principles. Inspired by Fast Cap, this philosophy revolves around daily, incremental enhancements, each saving at least 2 seconds in time. It might sound small, but when you multiply these improvements daily, the cumulative effect over a year is nothing short of staggering.

We call it ‘two up, one down’ – a daily ritual where our team identifies and implements two small, time-saving improvements while reflecting on one area that could be further refined. From optimizing the location where a loader parks to nuanced changes like the placement of the coffee jar in the lunchroom, these seemingly minor adjustments contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.

Crafting Efficiency for Quarry Owners

Now, let’s talk about you, our esteemed quarry owners. Time, for you, isn’t just a metric; it’s a precious resource influencing productivity and profitability. Through meticulous application of the 2 Second Lean philosophies, our team strives for daily, incremental improvements. Envision this commitment across a year, resulting in operational efficiency directly benefiting you.

As quarry owners/operators, you understand that even the smallest optimizations in processes lead to significant gains. The ‘two up, one down’ practice exemplifies our dedication to internal efficiency, translating into a more responsive and agile service for you. Whether it’s expediting equipment deployment or refining communication channels, these continuous improvements contribute to a streamlined experience tailored to meet the dynamic needs of quarry operations.

In essence, the 2 Second Lean principle isn’t just a methodology for us; it’s a commitment to delivering enhanced value to you, our customers. It aligns with Equip2’smission to not only provide top-tier equipment but to optimize every facet of our operations, ensuring that your quarry experiences the efficiency and innovation it deserves.

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