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You'd agree that buying equipment should be easy, and the machine you purchase is fit for purpose. After all, purchasing equipment can be a large capital expenditure and not a decision you take lightly, you need to know that the business you're purchasing from will sell you the right piece of equipment, and support that equipment.

The Equip2 flywheel is our unique approach to equipment procurement and support. Each pillar supports the other and ensures the continued success of businesses using Equip2 as their processing solutions partner.


For many purchases you make, whether personal or business, you likely place a high value on the service you receive. And as we all conclude, the bigger the investment, the higher level of service we expect.

If it's anything we focus the most effort on, it's service. We recognise that great service is also great sales, and service is what keeps machines running profitably. We take a lot of pride in having all fields of expertise in-house so we can support businesses whether they're investing in new equipment, day to day operations or trying to improve their overall efficiency and profitability.


Everything starts with 'Know How', as the right equipment for the job is critical to it being fit for purpose, we work with businesses to survey their current processes and how that compares with solutions we've benchmarked in the industry, to find the right machine to meet business goals.

We also make sure that our knowledge is passed on to your operators and managers, equipment training is critical to ongoing success and we make sure personnel can hit the ground running with an in-depth on-site training programme.

Product Utility

New Zealand quarries and processing businesses are often challenged to work with various source materials and product specs depending on the project on hand. By mapping out the materials, products and specifications the business is working towards, we can match the right machine to the job.

By increasing your equipment's utility, you can take advantage of more feed sources, achieve more specifications and ultimately increase the profitability of your business.


Hardly ever do you come across an equipment business that would have difficulty supplying a piece of equipment to someone looking to purchase! But purchasing the equipment is only the first step, and as a key business asset, you need to make sure it continues to deliver a return on the capital invested in it.

Like you've experienced with vehicles, it's the parts and service departments that make or break a brand, not just the vehicle itself. The equipment is one piece of the solution, but so too is the continued availability of the parts to support it which is critical to production and your bottom line.

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