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Diesel-hydraulic systems have been the go-to for decades, but with the rising costs of fuel and increased regulation on emissions, is there a better alternative for quarries in New Zealand?

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Get tips and step by step guides on how to perform maintenance, repairs and adjustments on a variety of machine types with Equip2's how to videos.

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Reduce, reuse and recycle

Waste management is changing rapidly as recycling rates rise and technologies improve. As a result, recycling equipment will be essential to managing waste in the future.

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Modular Washing Solutions

Is your Quarry struggling with high operating costs and environmental impact? Our modular washing systems are a new, affordable, and sustainable solution that can significantly reduce energy consumption and increase revenue.

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OUR MISSION IS Improvement


What sets us apart from others in the market? We have extensively analysed what you really need in the material processing industry. Being responsible for the efficient operation of the quarries you are run – increasing productivity, financial performance while maintaining your reputation and looking out for the safety of your team is no small feat.


Know How

We work with businesses to understand their needs and goals. Tell us what you want to achieve so we can help you get there. We also offer in-depth on-site training programs for operators and managers so we can educate and share our collective experience.

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Product Utility

Performance + consistency = productivity, which is why we're committed to supplying rugged & reliable equipment to match real-world demands. By increasing equipment utility, businesses can take advantage of varied material resources and ultimately produce larger volumes of high-quality material.

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Parts Avialability

It's easy to find someone to sell you a machine, but it's often hard to get parts when something breaks. We understand how frustrating this can be, which is why we stock plenty of components, wear parts and consumables for repairs and replacements.

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Excellent Service

Whether you need maintenance done, advice on what product to buy, or help with how to use it, we strive to be prompt, polite and deliver on our promises. We appreciate the value of effective communication and the time constraints inherent to the processing and materials industry. Under the pump? Come to us.

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Equip2 came to us, saw what we were doing, what we were using, and they asked good questions; they cared. They put forward what we saw as a meaningful solution for the Quarry.

Jared Lees, Quarry Manager, CMH

We crush everything with the Jaw, when we were looking at adding a crusher, Equip2 helped us select the best crusher for what we're crushing. They said that a Jaw would be best for our material in the Hawkes Bay, I trusted them, and it's worked out really well.

Shane Berkett, Owner, Shane Berkett Earthworks

We've recently upgraded equipment to the MWS S130 Rinser... compared to our old screen, our yields have gone up and the stone cleanliness improved tenfold.

Richie Sutherland, Quarry & Operations Manager, International Specialty Aggregates

Get our magazine The Stack delivered every quarter for free

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Get the best look of Crushing and Screening gear running right here. See what our clients think of Our Equipment, what they're doing with it and some of the unique sites right here in NZ and further abroad.



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