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Navigating Challenges, Scaling Success: The CMT Group and Equip2 Partnership

Equip2 Team
21 Feb

CMT Group, a civil business specializing in quarrying, successfully navigates industry challenges and scales operations through a strategic partnership with Equip2, their preferred equipment supplier. Equip2's expertise, reliable Keestrack equipment, and exceptional support prove instrumental in CMT Group's growth and evolution.

Navigating Challenges, Scaling Success: The CMT Group and Equip2 Partnership

In the competitive realm of quarrying, the journey towards success is often riddled with obstacles. However, for CMT Group, a civil business established in 1966, each challenge presented an opportunity for growth and innovation. Their longstanding partnership with the Harts and formally Equip2 as their preferred quarry equipment supplier, proved instrumental in overcoming hurdles and propelling their operation to new heights. Let's delve into how this collaboration transformed CMT Group's trajectory, as revealed in a recent case study.  

Evolution and Expansion:

CMT Group's journey began modestly, primarily focusing on gravel work with trucks, and diggers. However, a seismic event, the Kaikoura earthquake, catalysed their growth, prompting investments in crushing equipment and expanding their operations. This strategic evolution has positioned CMT Group as a formidable player in the industry today, with a commitment to growth and good land management evident in their quarrying practices.

Strategic Equipment Investments:

The cornerstone of CMT Group's success lies in their strategic investments in cutting-edge machinery. Equip2 emerged as a trusted partner, providing a range of equipment including crushers and screening plants. This partnership empowered CMT Group to navigate complex challenges with confidence, ensuring operational efficiency and sustainability.

Overcoming Crushing Challenges with Equip2:

Transitioning into crushing presented formidable challenges for CMT Group, particularly during winter extraction and dealing with high clay content in the gravel. However, Equip2's unwavering support, as explained further in the video, became a beacon of hope. Bert and Robin, key figures at Equip2, provided invaluable expertise and hands-on assistance, guiding CMT Group through the toughest of obstacles.  Their collaborative problem-solving approach resulted in innovative solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operations and sustained growth.

The Keestrack Advantage:

CMT Group's preference for Keestrack equipment, facilitated by Equip2, proved to be a game-changer. The superior reliability and output of Keestrack crushers aligned perfectly with CMT Group's vision for efficiency and productivity. Equip2's commitment to after-sales service further solidified the partnership, guaranteeing prompt support and maintenance whenever needed.

Continuous Learning and Adaptability:

The video sheds light on CMT Group's commitment to continuous learning and adaptability. Challenges such as stickiness required adapting. Collaborating closely with Equip2, CMT Group explored solutions, leveraging the expertise and resources available to them. This proactive approach not only resolved immediate challenges but also strengthened the partnership for future endeavours.

Recommendations for Quarry Owners:

For quarry owners aspiring to replicate CMT Group's success, the key lies in forging strategic partnerships and embracing a culture of continuous improvement. Aligning with suppliers like Equip2, who offer not just equipment but unwavering support and expertise, can transform lives and flow onto improving communities. By prioritizing collaboration, innovation, and sustainability, quarry owners can navigate challenges with confidence and scale their operations profitably.

In essence, the CMT Group and Equip2 partnership exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration in the quarrying industry. Through shared expertise, resilience, and a commitment to excellence, they have rewritten the narrative of success and inspiring others to replicate and pull similar concepts for advancement in their applications.

Watch the video to gather further insights from CMT directors on the Quarry growth trajectory.

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