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Keestrack P3: Commitment to Contractor Versatility

19 Feb

The Keestrack P3 Shredder's compact power and adaptable design make it ideal for handling diverse waste streams – from construction debris to wood, plastics, and more. Variable shafts and quick-change features maximize efficiency. Contractors seeking a user-friendly and cost-effective waste management solution are choosing the P3 Shredder.

Keestrack P3: Commitment to Contractor Versatility


Applications Driving Demand:

Contractors across industries are wanting the Keestrack P3 Shredder as their solution, recognizing its sought-after versatility in handling a diverse range of waste materials.  Keestrack have enhanced and already proven design, so this robust little processing machine is gaining popularity across various applications, making it the pragmatic choice for contractors seeking an efficient and reliable solution for waste management.

  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management: The P3 Shredder excels in handling the complexities of construction and demolition waste, providing contractors with a compact yet powerful solution for efficient waste reduction on job sites.
  • Wood Processing and Recycling: Engineered for versatility, the shredder is adept at processing wood materials, making it an indispensable tool for contractors involved in wood processing and recycling operations.
  • Plastic and Rubber Recycling: Contractors dealing with plastic and rubber waste appreciate the P3 Shredder's capability to handle these materials effectively, contributing to streamlined recycling processes.
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management: The P3 Shredder proves its utility in municipal solid waste management, offering contractors a reliable and adaptable solution for waste reduction and disposal in urban environments

Key Features Reinforcing Versatility:
  • Compact Efficiency: The P3 Shredder's compact design delivers power without unnecessary bulk, making it a rather sought-after tool for discerning contractors who prioritize versatility and efficiency
  • Versatile Shredding: Engineered to handle various materials, from wood to plastics and rubber, the P3 Shredder has become the dependable workhorse for contractors dealing with diverse waste streams.
  • Variable Sets of Shafts: The P3 Shredder offers flexibility with variable sets of shafts, allowing contractors to efficiently process different feed materials such as wood, C&D waste, rubble, garbage, metal, and tires.
  • Quick Shaft Changes: Contractors benefit from the different chambers, with the ability to change shafts in approximately 30mins. This swift process enhances operational adaptability, reducing downtime and optimizing productivity.
  • Mobility and Manoeuvrability: the P3’s Mobility features provide contractors with the flexibility to transport and maneuver the Shredder easily across different job sites, adapting to varying environments seamlessly.
  • Straightforward Operation: The user-friendly interface simplifies operation, reducing the learning curve for operators and ensuring efficient use of the machine across different skill levels.
  • Environmentally Conscious Design: The P3 Shredder aligns with contractors' sustainability goals by incorporating energy-efficient components and advanced recycling capabilities, minimizing the environmental impact of waste disposal.
  • Cost-Effective Operation: Designed for durability and efficiency, the P3 Shredder optimizes operational costs, making it the preferred choice for contractors seeking a reliable solution that minimizes downtime and maintenance expenses.
  • Popular Keestrack interface: built on the ever popular Keestrack interface system, the customer gets second to none insights and back support capability, matched by the team at Equip2’s enthusiasm for the customers success.  


Keestrack's P3 Shredder is emerging as the contractor's go-to solution for waste management, they have enhanced and already proven design, driven by its practical versatility across various industries. The machine's key features, including variable sets of shafts and quick change capabilities, underscore its utility and make it the preferred solution for addressing the evolving challenges of waste disposal on the job site. Enquiry now for next available machine on order from Keestrack.  

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