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Equip2's Brand Evolution

Equip2 Team
21 Mar

A Brand refresh with the view to further elevate the position of Quarry and Recycling Industry Leaders

Equip2's Brand Evolution

You will have already noticed Equip2 has undergone a brand refresh.  This has been designed to portray Equip2’s commitment to growth and success of those who partner with us.

Here are the key reasons behind Equip2's brand evolution and its implications for those at the forefront of the Recycling and Quarry industries.

Aligning with Industry Progress:

Equip2's brand refresh is a direct response to the dynamic nature of the industries we work in, with much focus being on profitability, sustainability, and relationships, where staying at the forefront is non-negotiable factor of being in business. This transformation underscores Equip2's commitment to being a leading supplier that not only adapts to industry changes but actively shapes them.

Representing Core Values and Vision:

Far from a superficial makeover, Equip2's brand evolution is a strategic alignment of the brand with its enduring values and forward-looking vision. Quarry and recycling industry leaders can now expect a brand that authentically mirrors Equip2's commitment to excellence and innovation in every partnership.

Elevating Customer-Centric Solutions:

For those steering operations in the quarry and recycling sectors, Equip2's refined brand is a testament to its intensified focus on customer-centric solutions. The updated visuals and messaging reinforce Equip2's position as a leading supplier dedicated to providing tailored solutions that resonate with the pragmatic needs of industry professionals.

Maintaining Cutting-Edge Status:

In an industry where being cutting-edge is synonymous with success, Equip2's brand evolution signifies a commitment to maintaining a leading position. Businesses in quarry and recycling can now turn to Equip2 with the assurance that they are partnering with a supplier committed to staying ahead, offering the latest technologies and strategies for heightened efficiency.

Inspiring Team Dedication:

Recognizing the intrinsic link between brand and employee morale, Equip2's brand evolution is a morale-boosting move for its internal team. Quarry and recycling industry leaders can anticipate dealing with a team invigorated by a renewed sense of purpose, translating to enhanced collaboration and dedication.


Equip2's brand evolution isn't just a strategic shift; it's a proactive move to lead the charge in the quarry and recycling sectors. By aligning with industry progress, representing core values, prioritizing customer-centric solutions, maintaining a cutting-edge stance, and inspiring team dedication, Equip2 is setting the stage for a new era in its role as a leading supplier. As Equip2's evolved brand takes centre stage, industry leaders are poised to benefit from a dynamic partnership geared towards success in their operations.

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