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Impact crusher
Keestrack R5 Crushing stone
Keestrack R5 Drone Photo
Keestrack R5 top down drone photo

Keestrack R5 Impact Crusher

Extensive customisation options and advanced design with the sole purpose of making the R5 both easy to maintain and high yield. The R5 is a technologically advanced machine with all the bonuses of using technology to improve production and none of the drawbacks. The R5 is the perfect crusher to improve an already well-performing operation and take it to the next level. With features like a tilting chassis, direct crusher drive, intelligent controls and long pre-screen it will become your star performer.

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Fuel Savings

The R5 Impact Crusher features Load Sensing Hydraulics which guarantee fuel savings compared to other standard hydraulic systems. Expect a 20 - 25% saving in fuel and longer service intervals for oil and components as the pumps increase efficiency and reduce strain. The R5 also features a direct drive rotor for higher performance and lower fuel consumption.

Long Double Deck Pre-Screen

The long double deck independent pre-screen on the R5 reduces wear and increases crushing performance as it filters out fines that would otherwise add unnecessary wear. Allowing for high crushing performance and better end products.

Best Final Product

With a powerful 1:10 reduction ratio and smart rotor design to increase blow bar life and crushing performace the R5 produces the best possible final cubical product.

E-Machine Capable

The R5 can be additionally specced with an ECO-EP+ Full Diesel-Electric Hybrid system delivering up to 70% better fuel savings and lower cost maintenance.

Key benefits
Keestrack R5 Impact Crusher with Tilting Chassis
Hydraulic Tilting Chassis

A patented tilting chassis allows the R5 to easily adjust to loading onto a transporter and allow levelling of the machine on uneven terrain. Making servicing and screen changes even easier as either end can be tilted for better access.

Swivelling Oversize Conveyor feeding R5 impactor
Swivelling Oversize Conveyor

Use the oversize conveyor to either return for crushing or stockpile the oversize stone for later crushing or use.

R5 with a Double deck after screen
Double Deck After-Screen

Make a ton of products with just one machine. The double deck after screen allows the R5 to be high yield portable factory capable of producing all the product an operator needs to make.

Keestrack R5 Impact Crusher, Crushing Alluvial Rock
Rigid Frame

The Keestrack R5 chassis is constructed from high-tensile DOMEX steel making it lighter and stronger per kilo. Even while under maximum load the R5 requires no support legs.

Keestrack Remote Operating the R5 Impact Crusher
Remote Control

The Keestrack Remote gives the operator the ability to remotely adjust important crushing settings, track the machine during operation and emergency stop the machine all from the cab. The flexibility of the remote gives superior site safety and control.

Keestrack R5 Impact Crusher with view into the Crushing Compartment and maintenance.
Easy Maintenance

The R5 makes maintenance easy across the machine with large doors to key components like the engine, filters and rotor. Large viewports and inspection covers on the hydraulic and fuel tanks including condensate drain son the tanks.

Operating Weight 48,350Kg
Engine Volvo TAD 1354 GE - 328 kW at 1,500 rpm
Capacity 5m3
Feeding Height 3,685mm
Feeding Width 2,220mm
Feeding length 3,800mm
Decks Double Deck - 3 Way Split
Width 1,000mm
Length 2,200mm
Inlet opening size 1,050mm x 800mm
Rotor width 1,000mm
Rotor diameter 1,260mm
Rotor Weight 5,100kg
Rotor speed 500 - 597 RPM
Throughput capacity Up to 350 tph
Post Screen
Decks Double Deck - 3 Way  Split
Length 3,300mm
Width 1,500mm
Main Fines Conveyor
Width 1,200mm
Stacking height 3,500mm
Operating Width 5,800mm (With pre-screen conveyor)
Operating Length 19,000mm
Operating Height 3,870mm
Transport Width 3,000mm
Transport Length 16,860mm
Transport Height 3,490mm
Optional extras
Optical Belt Scales

See a full production overview with the Sensortechnic Optical Belt Scales. On-site and remotely track production according to the product with quick and easy readouts and adjustment and important statistics like machine uptime all in real time. No need to waste time weighing each bucket. Learn More.

Dust Suppression

The dust suppression system prevents unwanted dust and particulates from entering the operation and wider area. Sprays the main conveyor and fines conveyor.

Milling Beam

Get more fines with an adjustable Milling Beam in the crusher housing.

Fuel Filling Pump

Fill up quickly with a Fuel filling pump which connects to the PLC and remote to make filling a breeze. Features automatic stop and 3 micron water resistant absorbent media.

Service Generator and Air Compressor
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