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Press Release: Equip2, NZ's Exclusive EDGE Innovate Dealer

Alana Mays
9 Sep

Equip2 has signed up as NZ's exclusive dealer of EDGE Innovate Equipment starting September 2021. Supplying Waste and Recycling oriented solutions.

Press Release: Equip2, NZ's Exclusive EDGE Innovate Dealer

Equip2 Limited (Equip2, Equip2 Processing Solutions) is expanding its processing range of equipment by partnering with Edge Innovate as its exclusive New Zealand Distributor.

EDGE Innovate. (NI) LTD (EDGE Innovate) is a UK manufacturer and exporter of Recycling and Material Handling equipment founded in 1990. Edge Innovate's equipment fills an important and growing industry in New Zealand to service the waste minimisation industry. Edge Innovate states that their equipment is "built with one common central design principle; to minimise operational costs whilst improving production efficiency."

Existing EDGE Innovate equipment owners and the waste minimisation industry will be competently supported by an experienced dealer with nationwide service thanks to Equip2 Processing Solutions' experience and success in the processing equipment sector and allied industries starting September 2021.

Today's waste minimisation efforts seek to reduce waste entering the landfill by diverting it to be recycled or reused. The EDGE Innovate range of equipment is designed to aid companies and councils in better waste management.

The EDGE Innovate Range of products is focused on waste processing, recycling and material handling. The range consists of Shredders (for processing waste), Trommel Screens (for separating waste), Air Separators and Picking Stations (for separating waste) and Material Handling equipment (for stacking and loading material).

Equip2 Processing Solutions will supply a variety of waste and recycling subsectors with various applications and needs for processing equipment suited to them. Equip2 Processing Solutions have identified these key areas that will benefit most from the EDGE Innovate range.


C&D Waste (Construction & Demolition Waste) 

In most significant regions of New Zealand, particularly those with high development growth, C&D Waste is the largest bulk contributor to landfills. C&D Waste is also the most readily recyclable, with concrete and timber accounting for the majority at an estimated 70% of total volume.

Concrete and timber are straightforward to process, and Equip2's existing range of mobile crushers complement EDGE Innovate's range of shredders to cover these materials processing.

C&D Waste represents the biggest potential of the EDGE Innovate range to New Zealand as processing this material has an environmentally positive effect and is profitable to businesses and contractors.

General Waste 

A large proportion of New Zealand's general waste is processed through transfer stations to landfills. General waste gets handled and transported multiple times, and equipment that increases efficiency also decreases the environmental cost. These operations can use the EDGE Innovate shredder range to break down the high displacement, low-density material for more efficient transportation.  

Green Waste

Green waste is an already established and thriving subsector with minimal disposal issues. The EDGE Innovate range works seamlessly in this application as the principles of equipment usage transfer over from other waste initiatives.

Tyre Waste

Tyre waste is another identified area for waste processing improvement due to tyres higher resource cost to process. Effectively processing tyres using the EDGE Innovate shredder range opens up new avenues of tyre waste minimisation. Tyres have been approved for burning as fuel in cement production facilities that meet government requirements and other factories are likely to follow suit.


Equip2's mission is to improve profit per tonne for processing businesses, whether a quarry, contractor, recycler or landfill.

As identified in the previous key waste minimisation areas, EDGE Innovates Shredder range will be one of Equip2's key product lines, EDGE Innovate also offers other equipment that as parallel benefits based on use-case.

For enquiries, please contact Equip2 for more details.

Equip2 Limited:
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Jacob Hart
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