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2021 Demo Day: NZ's Biggest Quarrying Equipment Event

Simon Johnston
27 Oct

2021's Equip2 Demo Day featured more gear than ever. With over 20+ pieces of equipment and CAT gear, it's NZ's Biggest Quarrying Equipment Event.

2021 Demo Day: NZ's Biggest Quarrying Equipment Event

Everywhere year we host a Demo Day, it gets better, more to see and discuss, more people to network with and more comforts. Our goal is to create the go-to Quarrying Equipment Event for NZ Processing Businesses. Our industry has diverse applications across the country, and the equipment we use to create the country's key resources plays a pivotal role in a business's success.

Watch the 2021 Demo Day round up in this video:

Since the first Demo Day in 2016, every Demo Day has gone from strength to strength, offering more equipment and different material use-cases. This year's Demo Day was no exception, with over 20+ pieces of processing equipment sourced from Equip2 customers, loading equipment from Terra CAT and water management from Prime Pump.

Hosted at Equip2's new offices, workshop and warehouse, the demonstrations were held at a local quarry owned by Quality Demolition, providing a place for networking and discussion and a separate area to view equipment in action.



There's no better way to start the day than a hot breakfast and coffee, as people filtered in from far and wide a bacon, egg and hashbrown buttie was the perfect start to the big Quarrying Demo Day.

At 9:30am, the Demo Day officially started, starting with a brief introduction of the key events of the day, timetable and important H&S for being around working plant. This year we held the Live Demo's at QDC's Quarry, conveniently located down the road with a large floor for all the demo equipment and space for everyone to move about the active and static equipment safely.

It was on the bus down to the Quarry, a quick 10-minute drive.


Quarry Demonstrations

With two and a half hours allocated for the Demo's, there was plenty of time for Bert, Equip2's Sales Manager, to introduce the Demo, the material, how the machinery is configured and what it will be producing.

Keestrack B4 Jaw Crusher and H4e Cone Crusher
Keestrack B4 Jaw Crusher and Keestrack H4e Cone Crusher processing 0-500mm Alluvial

B4 Configuration:
Pre-Screen: 0-40mm
Jaw C.S.S: 120mm

H4e Configuration:
Cone C.S.S: 22mm
Recirculation: On
Fines Belt: 0-7mm
Midsize Belt: 7-20mm
Oversize Belt: 20-40mm

Next up, was a series of demonstrations utilising the R-Series Impactors with other Keestrack equipment crushing various materials in different configurations.

Keestrack R5 Impact Crusher and S5 tracked Stacker
Keestrack R5 Impact Crusher and Keestrack S5 Stacker processing 0-550mm Blue Face Rock

R5 Configuration:
Pre-Screen: 0-40mm
Blow Bars: 2 + 2 Halves
1st Apron: 190mm
2nd Apron: 65mm
Recirculation: On
Production: GAP65mm

Keestrack R5 Impact Crusher and Keestrack S5 Stacker processing 0-500mm demolition sourced concrete

R5 Configuration:
Blow Bars: 2 + 2 Halves
1st Apron: 190mm
2nd Apron: 65mm
Recirculation: On
Production: GAP65mm

Keestrack R3 impact crusher
Keestrack R3 Impact Crusher processing 0-500mm demolition sourced concrete

R3 Configuration:
Blow Bars: 2 + 2 Halves
1st Apron: 180mm
2nd Apron: 65mm
Recirculation: On
Production: GAP65mm

Keestrack K4 scalping screen and R3h impact crusher
Keestrack K4 Scalping Screen and Keestrack R3h Impact Crusher processing 0-500mm alluvial

K4 Configuration:
Fines Belt: 0-20mm
Midsize Belt: 20-40mm
Oversize Belt: 40mm+

R3h Configuration:
Blow Bars: 4
1st Apron: 180mm
2nd Apron: 65mm
Recirculation: On
Production: GAP65mm


Finishing off the Quarry Demonstrations with some screening with one of the largest mobile Scalping Screens from Keestrack; the K6.

Keestrack K6 mobile tracked Scalping Screen
Keestrack K6 Scalping Screen processing 0-500mm alluvial

K6 Configuration:
Fines Belt: 0-22mm
Midsize Belt: 22-65mm
Oversize Belt: 65mm+

portafil mr5 scalping screen
Portafill MR-5 Scalping Screen processing topsoil

MR-5 Configuration:
Fines Belt: 0-12mm
Midsize Belt: 12-65mm
Oversize Belt: 65mm+



Arriving back at Equip2's new offices for lunch breaks up the two main sessions, with Homekill Vension Burgers on the grill!

Quarry staff having lunch

The new Equip2 workshop and offices provided a great spot to host the Demo Day, with plenty of space to sit or move about. As lunch came out there were a few quick presentations to keep everyone entertained. 

Kees Hogendoorn, Keestrack's Founder gave an introductory speech about Keestrack and its progress through the decades via video message. Bert from Equip2 provided some information on washing solutions and some of the latest installed projects. 

Glenn from Prime Pump gave a rundown on how Prime Pump provides clean water solutions.

And to conclude the presentations, Geoff from Equip2 introduced everyone to EDGE Innovate, an Equip2 Partner, supplying recycling processing solutions and how their range of equipment fits in with Equip2's existing ranges of equipment with a demo taking place later in the afternoon.

A static display of equipment in the yard provided a great opportunity to tour and understand what Equip2 offers and talk to Equip2 service technicians and customers who use the equipment every day, how they use it and configure them and what results they have achieved. 

EDGE Slayer XL tracked shredder

A unique highlight of this year's Demo Day was the introduction of the EDGE Innovate range of equipment. As part of that introduction, Equip2 Demonstrated one of EDGE's flagship machines; a mobile tracked slow-speed shredder.

The Slayer XL fills an important processing role in waste minimisation by offering a way to resize and process often irregular, large and various materials present in waste. The demonstration utilised some locally sourced C&D Waste containing brick, wood, plastic and tin materials that combined would not be effective to screen or crush using a traditional machine.

Quarry persons having a chat

With the final Demo completed, everyone was able to have a beer, a chat, and network with other Quarry Professionals in the field from across NZ.

The 2021 Demo Day received some positive feedback as our best yet, and even with current events restricting some from attending, it was still our most popular yet.