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Unveiling the 3D 12x5 Rinsing Screen

Equip2 Team
25 Jan

Discover the innovative 3D 12x5 Rinsing Screen, the latest addition to our screening solutions. Perfectly suited for a variety of applications, this screen is a powerhouse of efficiency and precision. Learn how it can revolutionize your screening process.

Unveiling the 3D 12x5 Rinsing Screen

In the evolving landscape of material processing, compact and efficient equipment is key. Our latest offering, the 3D 12x5 Rinsing Screen, stands as a testament to this ethos, offering a blend of size, efficiency, and versatility.

Compact Design, Comprehensive Screening

The 3D 12x5 Rinsing Screen, with its 3.7m x 1.5m (12' x 5') dimensions, is designed for spaces where every inch counts. Its compact structure houses a powerful screening capability, ensuring optimal processing for a variety of materials.

Advanced Features in a Small Package

This screen boasts 3 deck rubber lined chutes, 10 isolated spray bars per deck, and a robust rubber-lined discharge lip and wash box. These features work together to deliver top-tier screening results, irrespective of the material.

Customizable Screening for Every Need

Flexibility is at the core of the 3D 12x5 Rinsing Screen. It comes equipped with a complete Metso polyurethane media kit, allowing for customized screening - 25mm for the top deck, 9.5mm for the middle, and a 2mm slotted design for the bottom deck.

Safety and Convenience Built-In

Safety is paramount, and this screen is designed with that in mind. It features galvanized walkways, handrails, and steps for secure and convenient access. The inclusion of a robust steel structure and catchbox adds to its operational safety.

Efficient Power Use

The screen is driven by a 15kw (20hp) electric motor, ensuring energy-efficient operation. This motor, in combination with the screen's features, guarantees precise and reliable screening results.

Ready for Immediate Use

Available for immediate dispatch, this screen is a plug-and-play solution for your screening needs. It ships in a single 40FT HC OT Container, streamlining transportation and installation.

A Versatile Screening Companion

Whether used alongside a CSP, Sandscrew, or Bucketwheel, the 3D 12x5 Rinsing Screen is an adaptable and efficient addition to any setup. Its design and features make it an ideal choice for enhancing your material processing operations.

In summary, the 3D 12x5 Rinsing Screen is a compact, efficient, and versatile tool, perfect for modern screening demands. It's more than just a machine; it's a commitment to efficient and effective material processing.

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