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Exploring the Frontiers of Heavy Machinery: Hydraulic vs Electric

Equip2 Team
26 Jan

In the ever-evolving world of heavy machinery, the choice between hydraulic and electric systems is becoming increasingly pivotal. Today, we delve into this topic, taking the Keestrack B5H as our model for discussion.

Exploring the Frontiers of Heavy Machinery: Hydraulic vs Electric
The Standard Hydraulic Workhorse

Traditionally, machines like the Keestrack B5H are equipped with a reliable diesel engine powering hydraulic motors. This setup has been the industry standard, known for its robustness and reliability in demanding conditions.

A Leap into Hybrid and Electric Efficiency

Transitioning to more sustainable and efficient alternatives, the industry has seen a rise in hybrid and electric models. The Keestrack B5H, for instance, offers a fascinating hybrid option. Here, a generator module plays a crucial role, allowing the machine to operate off the grid while maintaining all the functionalities of its traditional counterpart.

The Versatility of the Hybrid Model

The hybrid model shines in its versatility. It can operate independently of the grid, or it can be connected directly, eliminating the need for a diesel generator. This flexibility is invaluable in diverse working environments, from remote locations to urban construction sites.

Pure Electric - The Future of Machinery

A fully electric option offers a glimpse into the future of heavy machinery. By removing the diesel engine entirely, these machines significantly reduce their environmental footprint and enhance operational efficiency. This is not just a step towards greener practices but also a leap in cost-effectiveness and machine longevity.

Practical Considerations

Choosing between hydraulic, hybrid, and electric depends on specific needs. While traditional hydraulic machines offer proven reliability, hybrid and electric models are ideal for those seeking efficiency and environmental friendliness.


The Keestrack B5H exemplifies the industry's movement towards more versatile, efficient, and environmentally friendly machinery. The choice between hydraulic and electric systems ultimately hinges on specific project requirements and sustainability goals.

For a more in-depth exploration of the key differences between hydraulic and electric systems in heavy machinery, don't miss our exclusive video featuring Paul, our industry expert. In this video, Paul delves into the specifics of each system, providing on-site demonstrations and detailed explanations.

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