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Are you Overspending on Fuel?

18 Feb

Saving money is making money. With the right machine, you could be saving buckets and with a Keestrack machine 25% more than other modern machinery. Use our Fuel Saving Calculator to see how much you could be saving on your Impact Crusher, Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Scalping Screen or Classifier Screen.

Are you Overspending on Fuel?

Diesel is the life giving blood to a processing operation. It powers 98% of machinery in the construction and industrial sectors globally. It also represents a significant ongoing cost to a business using diesel powered machines. Why are we overspending on fuel?

Old Machinery and Old Technology

Old, slow, inefficient, might break down a lot; terms you might describe old machines well past their used by date. Old diesel engines especially lack the power and efficiency of modern diesel engines, with just the last decade bringing broad refinement and innovation to the industrial engine range. Modern diesel engines are quieter, use less fuel to produce more power and importantly produce less harmful emissions.

It's all in the technique. Crushing and screening machinery can only be as good as their design. New machines feature the same strides in mechanical efficiency and power as we have seen in modern engines. Refining and improving them to produce more, break down less and make high-quality products to sell. 

The Modern Diesel Engine:

Keestrack Load Sensing Pumps with Fuel Saving Technology

Wrong Machine, Wrong Application

Using the wrong type of machine for your application will use more fuel than the right piece of equipment, even if it's using some of the latest fuel-saving technologies. On short or one-off jobs buying new equipment wouldn't be economical for the gains in efficiency. If you're producing a lot of the same or related materials though; then having the correct modern plant will save you significant costs in both operational and mechanical efficiency.

Load Sensing Pumps:

Keestrack Load Sensing Pumps with Fuel Saving Technology

Calculate Your Potential Savings

Keestrack uses innovative "Load Sensing Hydraulic Pumps" to deliver substantive gains in fuel economy. On average Keestrack's full line of diesel-powered machinery delivers 25-30% more fuel savings than their modern counterparts, let alone older diesel machinery (excluding E-Machines from Keestrack which can save even more; up to 60%). Use our calculator to see your estimated annual fuel cost and how much you could be saving.


Of course, making sure you get the right machine for your operation is critical as mentioned above. Equip2 offer no obligation operational audits regardless of your fleet to help you identify growth areas for improvement. Get in touch with us here.

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