Keestrack Products

Fuel Consumption

Keestrack differentiates themselves from other suppliers by its innovations.

Since 1988 Keestrack has designed and produced mobile screening and crushing equipment in-house.

The complete production process is privately owned. Quality, innovation, flexibility and after-sales support.

Play a central role and research and development ensure that Keestrack keeps up with the expectations of its customers. Keestrack listens to our dealers and customers. By doing this we use their experience and knowledge to build machines that are recognised as market leaders in quality and performance all over the world. We comply with all European legislation so our machines have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Keestrack was the first to design and build the direct feed screens and even today the competition cannot match the results they have with this concept. The original Keestrack concept is today’s industry standard. Because of this concept, the application fields have increased because the screen can be used as a pre-screen for rough material or as a precision screen for fine material.

It has always been Keestrack's philosophy to construct machines that are as efficient as possible, not only with capacity and maintenance but with a strong focus on fuel consumption too.

Load-Sensing Hydraulic Systems

This system adjusts the hydraulic demand to the load factor, as a result of which savings of 4 to 6 litres of diesel per hour may be realised. In the case of 1,500 operating hours per year, this soon results in savings of approx. 7,500 litres. At a diesel price of $1.5 NZD per litre, this represents financial savings of $11,250 NZD per year. The load-sensing systems provide cost savings of approximately 30% compared to screeners offered by competing companies that do not apply this principle.

Eco Drive System

Keestrack also offers an ECO-drive system via Genset using a proprietary diesel engine or via the electrical power network. These systems can further reduce operating costs of your plant.

When Using Keestrack Load-Sensing Hydraulic System:

  • 4–6 litres saved per hour
  • 7,500 litres saved per year
  • $11,250NZD saved per year

Keestrack scalping screens

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

The first Keestrack scalping screen was produced in 1988 and today, production, research and development are still carried out in-house by founder Kees Hoogendoorn and a team of highly skilled experts.

More Features

Keestrack’s Superior Paint Finish

Keestrack understands the need for durability and resale value, this is the reason why they put so much effort into painting their machines. All Keestrack machines begin their journey as raw steel. First they are blasted before being fabricated into parts of the machines, ensuring perfect welds.

Once all fabrication is completed, the parts return for another round of rigorous blasting. Next they are zinc-coated before heading to the powder coating machine for their final layer. The powder coating process involves baking the paint on to ensure longevity of the machine. Custom painting options are also available to suit the rest of your fleet.

Keestrack’s Non-Stop Systems

Keestrack uses a patented system on all of their jaw crushers to guarantee a continuous production process and to protect the crusher against uncrushable feed material.

If a big unbreakable piece enters the crushing chamber, the jaws will open automatically and reset itself to the original settings once the uncrushable object has passed through.

Fast delivery to site with the most reliable models of tried and tested crushers
means Equip2 stand for quality and service, both of which will not be compromised for any reason.