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Wash Plant
MWS S130 Wet Classifier Screen for Washing Sand
MWS McCloskey Washing Systems Lippman S130 Deck Screen Rinser
MWS McCloskey Washing Systems Lippman S130 Deck Screen Rinser Wash Screen

MWS S130 Rinser

The S130 tracked rinser is designed to adaptable and relocatable and is ideal for short to medium term projects. The S130 is available as a 2 deck or 3 deck screen.

Large screen decks and independently controlled spray bars with 2 PSI of pressure per nozzle makes this a serious mobile washing option.

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Mobile Washing

The S130 is MWS's high capacity mobile washing platform. Low set-up costs and easy to transport make this an ideal option for short and medium term processing sites.

CAT Tier 3 Engine

Fitted with a CAT Tier 3 engine the S130 has plenty of power and is familiar and easy to maintain.

2 Grades of Sand Production

Produce 2 grades of sand with the S130 and output both to the washing plant for processing. More products from a singular machine making sand production efficient and profitable.

Dual Power Capable

Have this machine specified for dual power usage and run the S130 Rinser off your genset with other washing equipment, lowering your overall diesel costs and centralising power units.

Key benefits
Huge Decks

The S130 can be configured with 2 or 3 decks with a massive 18.6m2 of screening area on the triple deck screen producing up 3 products and 2 sands the S130 will feed even the largest of sand plants.

High Capacity Hopper

A 10m3 Hopper allows a massive amount of material to be fed into the S130 and processed without the screen running dry. 

Radio Control

Adjust screening functions and start and stop the screen on the fly and from with in the Excavator or Loader. No need to get out to adjust settings and slow production.

Hydraulically Adjustable Catch Box

Adjust the catch boxes position hydraulically for easier access to meshes for screen changes and maintenance.

Operating Weight 27,200Kg
Engine CAT 4.4 - 97 Kw
Capacity 10m3
Feeding Height 3,100mm
Feeding Width 2,400mm
Feeding Length 3,450mm
Belt Feeder
Belt Width 1,050mm
Angle Hydraulically Adjustable
Screen Box
Top Deck 4,270mm x 1,524mm
Middle Deck (3 deck only) 4,270mm x 1,524mm
Bottom Deck 3,660mm x 1,524mm
Left and Right Conveyors
Width 800mm
Stacking Height 4,600mm
Auxiliary Conveyor
Width 500mm
Stacking Height 4,700mm
Operating Width 3,240mm
Operating Length 16,520mm
Operating Height 3,450mm
Transport Width 2,900mm
Transport Length 15,610mm
Transport Height 3,400mm
Optional extras
Double Deck Vibrating Grid Screen

Pre-screen products before entering the washing screen to not produce more washed products but increase the efficiency of the screen as it only gets the material you want in it.

Polyurethane Screen Media

Use polyurethane screen media in the S130 and get upto 10x more wear resistance compared to regular wire mesh when washing products for sand production. Polyurethane is also easier to change and replace with a Pin and Wedge system rather than a Tension one.

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