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Modular Wash Plant
SandStrom 620 Modular Washing Plant - McCloskey Washing Systems
McCloskey Washing Systems SandStorm 620 Modular Washing PLant

MWS SandStorm 620

The SandStorm™ 620 offers outstanding performance producing up to 3 aggregates and 2 sand products. Its unique features deliver exceptional results with minimal maintenance and site work required.

Built with power and durability, SandStorm™ 620 design is unique and modern, delivering effective results.

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Modular Structure

The SandStorm 620 features a fully modular chassis and structure. Although not meant for highly mobile operations the modularity allows easier disassembly for site movements and importantly faster servicing and replacement of components.

Full Walkway Access

Improving access for maintenance, management and monitoring the SandStorm 620 has wide galvanised walkways to all areas of the plant. At 760mm across it makes getting around the plant comfortable and safe.

Hydrocyclone Washing

Hydrocyclone sand plants produce accurate separation of silts and clay from the washed sand product and can be run at full capacity without any loss in efficiency, unlike sand screws.

Water Efficient

The SandStorm 620 innovative design has eliminated spillage of water and materials, creating a safer and cleaner work environment.

Easy to Integrate

Integrate the SandStorm 620 with other AggStorm, Pre-Screening and MWS rinsing systems for the ultimate washing and sand production factory. Made to work with and interface with each other with centralised PLC's and connections.

Key benefits
Extensive Customisation

Extensively customise the hydrocyclones, washbox, rinser screen, aggregate conveyors and sand conveyors for a sand production plant that matches its intended operation for guaranteed results.

Fully Automated

The Smart Control Unit monitors the plant and adjusts the running of all components to produce the desired product, including the Washbox, Pre-Screen, Feeder, Hydrocyclone and the Radial Conveyors. Letting the operator focus on what matters.

Quick Maintenance

The SandStorm requires minimal maintenance and features slide-out components like pumps and motors for maintenance and unobstructed access to all areas of the plant.

Galvinised Walkways

Large galvanised walkways make it easy to walk around the plant, monitor outputs and most importantly access and monitor the cyclone from the rear, allowing the operator to monitor output product ensuring no loss of sand.

Smart Control System

MWS offers a range of control system options on the SandStorm Modular Wash Plant from basic motor isolators on the machine to fully automated controls. Graphical user interfaces are used for ease of operation. All key data such as water flow, pressure, motor current etc. is displayed in real-time to allow operators to keep a close eye on all aspects of the machine. Common functions include automatic start/stop, feeder speed control and conveyor radial drive.

Polyurethane Screen Modules

Polyurethane screen modules are designed for sand production. With up to 10x more wear life than coated wire mesh it also benefits from using the pin and wedge system to further speed up mesh changes.

Linatex Wear Liner

The SandStorm range uses advanced, industry-leading wear liners from Linatex, allowing for extremely long wear life before replacement is needed.

Feed Hopper
Capacity 12m3
Main Conveyor
Width 1,050mm
Rinser Screen Box
Decks 2 or 3 Deck option
Length 6,100mm
Width 1,800mm
Lining Rubber
Angle 18°
Hydrocyclones Single or Dual
Lining Linatex Rubber
Dewatering Screen
Length 4,500mm
Width 1,800mm
Media Polyurethane with Pin and Wedge
Aggregate Conveyors
Length 11,300mm
Angle 18°
Stockpile Capacity 95m3
Sand Conveyors
Length 11,300mm
Angle 20°
Stockpile Capacity 440m3
Structure and Piping
Walkways Galvanised - 760mm wide
Structure Mild Steel Modular Substructrues
Linings Rubber Chutes and Rubber Lined Piping
Width 34,000mm
Length 45,200mm
Height 7,900mm
Power Requirement
Total kW 148 - 172*
kVA Approx 258 - 300*
Average water requirement
m3/h 450
Optional extras
Customisable to Suit

Every part of the SandStorm 620 plant is modular and as such is designed for customisation with the components that are right for your operation. Contact us to discuss options and what you need.

30m Conveyors

The SandStorm 620 sand stacking conveyors can be increased in length to over 30.5m from 11.3m.

2 Deck Screen Box

Have the option of either a 2 deck screen box or 3 deck screen box.

Single Sand

Dependent on desired requirements either a dual or single Hydrocyclone can be equipped for either 1 grade of sand or 2.

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