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Modular Sand Plant
MWS AggStorm Log Washer Modular Sand Washing Plant

MWS AggStorm 150

The AggStorm™150 is a modular designed plant to remove harsh, clay-bound material from natural and crushed gravel, stone and ore feed that cannot be removed by rinsing or screening alone. AggStorm™ is an effective solution to be used in the aggregate and mining industries.

The AggStorm™ produces cleaner material at a faster rate. It consists of a trough and two spiral axles running in sync with exchangeable blades which intensively mix the feed material creating 'stone on stone' attention. The exchangeable blades come in various options including AR500 and Cast Manganese.

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Modular Structure

The AggStorm 150 features a fully modular chassis and structure. Although not meant for highly mobile operations the modularity allows easier disassembly for site movements and importantly faster servicing and replacement of components.

Low Water Consumption

Engineered for efficient use of water resources, the AggStorm 150 uses less water for less environmental impact, less discharge and for use in low water supply areas.

Full Walkway Access

Improving access for maintenance, management and monitoring the AggStorm has wide galvanised walkways to all areas of the plant. At 2.5' across it makes getting around the plant comfortable and safe.

Easy to Integrate

Integrate the AggStorm 150 with other SandStorm, CSP and MWS rinsing systems for the ultimate washing and sand production factory. Made to work with and interface with each other with centralised PLC's and connections.

Key benefits
Extensive Customisation

Extensively customise the log washer, pre-screens, dewatering screens, trash screens and aggregate sizing screens for the washing solution that matches the needs of the operation for a guaranteed transformation of the harshest if clay bound material into premium end products.

Electric Control Panel

Manage and control all electrical systems from a centralised control point protected against the elements including, water, dust and debris. The panel can also be mounted further away from the plant with other control panels for a central control point.

Smart Control System

MWS offers a range of control system options on the AggStorm Modular Wash Plant from basic motor isolators on the machine to fully automated controls. Graphical user interfaces are used for ease of operation. All key data such as water flow, pressure, motor current etc. is displayed in real-time to allow operators to keep a close eye on all aspects of the machine. Common functions include automatic start/stop, feeder speed control and conveyor radial drive.

Quick Maintenance

Patent pending side access doors to the main hull and log washer to allow clean out of entangled contaminants, blade changing and spray bar nozzle unblocking. The AggStorm also features slide-out components like pumps and motors for maintenance and unobstructed access to all areas of the plant.

Remote Greasing

Grease motors and components for simplified routine and preventative maintenance. Saving time and keeping the plant running smoothly.

Log Washing

The log shafts in the AggStorm 150 rotate in opposite directions and are timed to obtain an overlap of the paddle shoes for maximum scrubbing action.

Wash Down Hose Reel

Keep the plant clean and presentable with an integrated wash down hose, stop the build-up of sticky material and prevent wear.

Length 3,700mm
Width 1,500mm
Motors 2x 4.5 kW Invictus Motors
Spray Bars 5x Independent Spray Bars - 2 Bar Pressure
AS150 Log Washer
Length 3,700mm
Width 1,500mm
Spray Bars 3x 50mm
Pumps 100/100mm Linatex/Warman
Motors Dual Gearbox Drive 2x 22 kW with isolators
Trash Screen
Length 1,820mm
Width 600mm
Motors 2x 3 kW Invictus Motors
Sizing Screen
Decks Triple Incline Sizing Decks
Length 2,700mm
Width 1,200mm
Spray Bars 1x Each Deck Mounted to Substructure
Structure and Piping
Walkways Galvanised - 760mm wide
Structure Mild Steel Modular Substructures
Linings Rubber chutes and Rubber Piping
Operating Width 6,100mm (Without Conveyors)
Operating Length 15,300mm (Without Conveyors)
Operating Height 7,700mm (With Post Rinsing Screen)
Power Requirement
Total kW 100
kVA Approx 140
Average Water Requirement
m3/h 200
Optional extras

Connect MWS conveyors to the AggStrom 150 for a fully connected and centralised Sand Washing Plant. These conveyors are made to handle aggregates, metals and sands. They can also be connected to the Smart PLC and remote control for control from one location.

Sand Pre-Screen

Can be fitted with an additional single and double sand pre-screen.

Customisable To Suit

Every part of the plant is modular and as such is designed for customisation with the components that are right for your operation. Contact us to discuss options and what you need.

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