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Trommel Screen
Portafill MT-5 Mobile Trommel Screen, Screening Top Soil
Portafill MT-5 Trommel Screen Machine for topsoil, bark, mulch, fertiliser.

Portafill MT-5 Trommel Screen

Utilising the latest in Trommel Screening technology the MT-5 tracked Trommel Screen from Portafill is lightweight specialist screening machine. Built specifically for screening materials like topsoil, compost, mulch, wood, landfill waste, light rubble and even rock. Due to its durable design, the MT-5 Trommel Screen can take on a diverse range of screening jobs that other trommels would struggle to do.

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Low Running Costs

The MT-5 Tracked Trommel consumes only 4-5 litres per hour in fuel. As it uses a simple, direct drive screen and low draw hydraulics this screen has excellent throughput while keeping costs down.

Low Transport Cost

Designed with portability as one of its key features, the MT-5 folds up hydraulically for quick 'tear down'. Weighing 14.3 Tonnes with a transport length of 10.3 Metres the machine can be transported from site to site inexpensively. With the track drive allowing independent on-site movement.

Simplified Maintenance

Designed to be simple to service and reconfigure the MT-5 Trommel Screen has highly accessible hydraulics and engine bay to make routine maintenance effortless. The drum is also uncomplicated to change allowing screening reconfiguration as straightforward as possible. The drum also features adjustable brushes for effective self-cleaning and prevent clogging.

Key benefits
Variable Drum Speed

The Drum speed can be adjusted to suit load and material. Allowing for better control over output and less wastage. 

Heavy Duty Tracked Undercarriage

On-site movements are quicker with the MT-5 having an independent tracked drive unit. It also means the MT-5 Trommel Screen can traverse rugged and loose ground with ease.

Adjustable Brushes

The adjustable brushes prevent clogging and keep the drum unit screening effectively. Get a better end product and reduce unnecessary manual clearing from sticky material.

Hydraulically Folding

Hydraulically fold the wing and product conveyors for snap setup and quick takedown and transport.

Operating Weight 14,300Kg
Engine Deutz D2011 L04 - 41 kW
Capacity 2.9m3
Feeding Length 3,191mm
Belt Feeder
Width 900mm
Feeder Drive Variable Speed, Adjusts to Drum Load
Rotary Screen
Length 4,200mm
Diameter 1,500mm
Drum Drive Direct Drive - Variable Speed
Throughput 80-100m3 per hour
Fines Conveyor
Width 750mm Chevron Belt
Stacking Height 3,239mm
Oversize Conveyor
Width 1,000mm Chevron Belt
Stacking height 3,168mm
Operating Width 6,223mm
Operating Length 13,054mm
Operating Height 3,239mm
Transport Width 2,358mm
Transport Length 10,295mm
Transport Height 3,440mm
Optional extras

For specific applications, the MT-5 can be equipped with a Shredder on the after feeder.

Tipping Grid or Vibrating Grid on Feeder

Stop large materials from entering the feeder and Trommel Screen with a tipping grid or vibrating grid, increasing screening efficiency and preventing damage to the rotary screen.

Optical Belt Scales

See a full production overview with the Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scales. On-site and remotely track production according to the product with quick and easy readouts and adjustment and vital statistics like machine uptime all in real time. No need to waste time weighing each bucket. Learn More.

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