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Volumetric Optical Belt Scale System
You can't manage what you don't measure

Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale is a contact-free volumetric scanner. Using the latest laser technology, Sensortechnik effectively scans the material crossing the belt with a measurement accuracy of 1mm variance. Whether your conveyor is stationary or on tracked equipment, you can rely on the precise production data unaffected by external conditions. Beyond its practical measurement application, Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale is the ultimate operations management tool.

Increase profit
Increase operation profitability
Set Goals
Set goals and production benchmarks
Multiple sites
Manage multiple sites or remote sites
Know Equipment
Know exactly when equipment starts and stops each day
Verify Productivity
Verify equipment productivity
Manage Inventory
Manage inventory control
Laser and Optical Belt Scales for Quarrying and Mining
How Does it Work?

To accurately measure the volume and weight, Sensortechnik Optical Belt Conveyor Scale uses a volume data calculation to produce a 99.8% accurate result.

First, the Sensor measures the cross-profile of the material on the conveyor.

Secondly, the Optical Belt Scale measures the feed rate of the conveyor belt by an inductive sensor. By using these two values in the calculation, the resulting data is the volume of material. The material data is available in cubic meters, yards or tons, and stored in the Sensor unit for easy download.

Cat S60 smartphone with Sensortechnik app
Smart Device Connected

The optical belt conveyor scale scans and measures the material in real-time, and wirelessly transmits the data to your smartphone or tablet. From the device, you can set Customer and Material profiles, as well as configure scan settings. With the touch of a button, you can download, print or email your measurement results directly to your office or computer. Forget to email or print your data results? No problem, the Sensortechnik unit will store a full year of data. Simply download to your smart device at any time.

Laptop with Sensortechnik web portal app
Live Remote Monitioring

Receive your data measurements in Excel spreadsheets direct from the field; allowing you to review your sites production, see exactly when the equipment started, when it was down and address operation performance issues as they happen. Your office team estimating costs for projects will receive specific data which provides a basis for more accurate bidding, ensuring you turn a profit for all your hard work.

Optical Belt Scales

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