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Scalping Screen
Portafill MR-6 Tracked Scalping Screen
Portafill Mobile Scalping Screen
Portafill Mobile and Tracked Scalping Screen

Portafill MR-6 Scalping Screen

The largest Scalping Screen in Portafill's range, the MR-6 has 76% more screening area than the MR-5. Maintaining Portafill's key machine attributes of easy portability, simplified maintenance and usability.

Weighing less than 20 tons and available in a 2 deck, 3 split format. The MR-6 is a suitable all round candidate for anyone looking for a high output very mobile scalping screen.

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A key part of Portafill's design principles is to produce machines that easy to transport. Saving costs to the owner while still delivering outstanding performance. As such the MR-6 weighs less than 20 tons and packs down for simple transport.

Simple Operation

A key selling point with today's modern machinery is end-user friendliness, produce high quality products with no time wasted setting up the machine and playing around with fiddly hard to understand control panels.

Key benefits
Portafill MR-6 Engine Compartment
Simplified Maintenance

Industry leading engine compartment, with no support structure in the way, the engine and all of its components are easy to get to for maintenance, decreasing time spent carrying out routine maintenance.

Portafill MR-6 Large Scalping Screen Box
Large Screen Box

Over 5m2 of area on each deck designed for maximum vibration for a machine with a lot of screening potential in any application.

Portafill MR-6 Screen changing simplified maintenace
Easy Screen Changes

The transfer belt hydraulically raises and lowers to make getting to screens hassle free and changing them easy with a large amount of space to work in.

Portafill MR-6 Scalping Screen Mid Size Belt
Internally Routed Hydraulics

The side conveyors feature a honeycomb structure with the hydraulic lines piped inside, saving weight and space while adding strength and preventing potential line damage.

Operating Weight 18,600Kg
Engine Deutz TD2.9 L4 Tier 4 - 55 kW
Capacity 7m3
Feeding Height 3,300mm
Feeding Width 2,550mm
Feeding Length 4,480mm
Screen Box
Decks Double deck - 3 splits
Length 3,900mm
Width 1,300mm
Oversize Conveyor (Front)
Width 1,000mm
Stacking Height 3,200mm
Midsize Conveyor
Width 800mm
Stacking Height 3,620mm
Fines Conveyor
Width 800mm
Stacking Height 3,775mm
Operating Width 13,960mm
Operating Length 12,975mm
Operating Height 3,775mm
Transport Width 2,550mm
Transport Length 10,680mm
Transport Height 3,000mm
Optional extras
Remote Control

The easy to use Radio Remote adds productivity to any site allowing operators in cab to adjust the machine on the fly without having to get out and manually adjust screening operation or track the machine. It also has an emergency stop button increasing site safety and can be recharged via USB.

Side or End Tensioned Top Screen

Choose whether to tension the top screen on the top deck from the side or end. 

Tier 5 Engine

Also available in a Tier 5 (EU Stage V) engine configuration for ultra low emissions to the very latest standard in Europe.

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