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Scalping Screen
Keestrack K6 Mobile Scalping Screen
Keestrack K6 or Frontier mobile scalping screen

Keestrack K6 Scalping Screen

Built for the absolute best performance that can be achieved while maintaining mobile characteristics. Keestracks K6 Scalping screening is constructed to handle hard abrasive rock and high throughput. Introduced by Keestrack back in 1996 as part of their first to market direct feed mobile scalping screens the K6 is the most mature mobile scalping screen on the market with years of R & D in it. Every part is designed and manufactured by Keestrack for a machine of the highest quality.

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Fuel Efficent

Utilising an efficient tier 4 engine and load sensing hydraulics the K6 is an economical machine to run, saving owners up to 25% in diesel costs to comparable machines with traditional hydraulic systems. And all this with no additional wear and maintenance required.

Hydraulically Adjustable

The K6's screen box is hydraulically liftable for excellent under screen access for mesh changes and maintenance. The screen incline can also be changed using hydraulic controls giving the operator easy control over production changes.

User Friendly

Keestracks K6 Scalping Screen features a large Relytec control panel from a central control and monitoring point of the mobile plant. The operator can control and check all facets of the machine and production with a simple to use interface.

E-Machine Capable

The K6 features an ECO-FS Diesel Hydraulic drive system with load sensing hydraulic pumps that deliver up to 25% greater efficiency than other machines. The K6 can be additionally specced with an ECO-EP+ Full Diesel Hybrid system delivering up to 70% better fuel savings and lower cost maintenance.

Key benefits
Large Screen

Featuring two decks each with a screening area of 8.1m2 for a total of 16.1m2 of screening area.

Low Feeding Height

A feeding height of 2.4m makes feeding and loading quicker with less extra movement required.

Plate Apron Feeder

Constructed of Hardened Steel the Plate Apron Feeder features no gaps for no material and fines build up and will outlast belts and take harder hitting rock

Steel Hydrulic Lines

Where possible the K6 is fitted with Steel Hydraulic lines that are more durable and easier to repair should they be broken. 

Remote Control

The Keestrack Remote gives the operator control over the screen as if he was in front of the control panel. Able to change settings, adjust angles and track the machine from within the cab. It also features an emergency stop button for extra safety.

Operating Weight 32,000Kg
Engine Deutz 3.6 L4 - 90 kW at 2,000 rpm
Capacity 8m3
Feeding Height 2,420mm
Feeding Width 3,100mm
Feeding Length 4,400mm
Plate Apron Feeder
Width 1,300mm
Screen Box
Decks Double Deck - 3 way split
Length 4,500mm
Width 1,800mm
Oversize Conveyor (Front)
Width 1,500mm
Stacking Height 3,400mm
Middle Fraction Conveyor (Right)
Width 800mm
Stacking Height 3,750mm
Fines Conveyor (Left)
Width 1,000mm
Stacking Height 3,700mm
Operating Width 14,400mm
Operating Length 15,400mm
Operating Height 3,800mm
Transport Width 2,720mm
Transport Length 13,360mm
Transport Height 3,180mm
Optional extras
Remote Control

The 10 Function Radio Remote control adds productivity to any site allowing operators in the cab to adjust the machine on the fly without having to get out and manually adjust crushing operation or track the machine. It also has an emergency stop button increasing site safety.

Magent Belt

Stop steel and other ferrous materials from exiting the oversize conveyor and going into the product pile or stacked machine. The belt enables steel to be piled up by the side of the machine allowing the operators to see what has been collected and stops the magnet from becoming clogged decreasing its effectiveness.

Sensortechnik Belt Scales

See a full production overview with the Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scales. On-site and remotely track production according to the product with quick and easy readouts and adjustment and vital statistics like machine uptime all in real time. No need to waste time weighing each bucket. Learn More.

Hopper Wall Extensions

Keep the K6 stocked up while gathering more material or using larger feeding/loading equipment to run the screen.

Fuel Filling Pump

Fill up quickly with a Fuel filling pump which connects to the PLC and remote to make filling a breeze. Features automatic stop and 3-micron water resistant absorbent media.

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