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Machine Walkthrough: Portafill MR-6

19 Aug

The new Screen on the Block! The Portafill MR-6 Scalping screen is a mobile scalping screen filled to the brim with production technologies...

Machine Walkthrough: Portafill MR-6

Like kids in a toy shop; when the latest Portafill MR-6 was dropped off to our depot, we couldn't wait to get our sticky fingers on it, crawl over it and get it shifting some rocks.

The second Scalping Screen in Portafills range it's also their largest. Crammed with features the new mobile screen is variable, all-round task completionist. Hungry to screen whenever it can the MR-6 is fully operational in just ten minutes.

Requiring no heavy lifting, the conveyors and screen adjustments are all hydraulically operable, allowing the MR-6 to roll-off the transporter and be ready to use. With only the light usage of your wrists, you can unfold conveyors, lift the hopper and screen, select a 3-way of 2-way split and have Pay Dirt (or Rock!) pouring off at up to 400 Tonnes per hour.

Being a Mobile Plant from Portafill, the MR-6 uses higher-grade steels and construction unseen in other machines. Like the Honeycomb structure in the stacking conveyors that boast extra strength and stiffness than machines twice its size, and talking about size; the MR-6 weighs only 18,600 Kg's making it truly mobile.

Have you seen an engine bay with no support pillars in the way? You have now. 270° of access to the engine, hydraulic pumps and controls will have you smiling ear to ear at an operator-centric design. Maintain, service and adjust components at ground level.

Changing split configurations isn't a task you need to make time for on Portafill's range of Scalping Screens. Using a fully hydraulic system to transition from a 3-way to our 2-way split its brilliance is in its simplicity. The oversize conveyor retracts and allows the mid-size fraction and oversize to mix for a perfect blend of larger materials off the main belt and fines off the fines conveyor.

What else do we love about the MR-6? The finger row immediately after the hopper feeder protects the top deck from heavy oversize material damaging it. A Digital PLC unit enables operators to sequentially start and shut down the machine and adjust conveyors and monitor engine and hydraulic performance.

With so much to surprise and delight, the MR-6 might just be your ultimate Scalping Screen Beast.

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