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[VIDEO] Keestrack B4 Jaw Crusher Walk Through
Posted by Simon Johnston

7 minutes read

Bert Hart (Equip2 Head of Sales) takes us for a brief walkthrough of the Keestrack B4 Jaw Crusher.


This beast weighs in at 47 ton and boasts a number of unique features and benefits like the Double Deck Pre-Screen and Non-Stop-Jaw system.

The Double Deck Pre-Screen gives the quarry the advantage of being able to split the fine material off before going through the crusher or by-pass the crusher to reduce wear to the Jaw Plates.

The Non-Stop-Jaw system allows the operator to be able to easily change the gap settings while in operation and will also sense if there is an uncrushable object (Like a digger tooth) in the jaw and will automatically release this to save the jaw from any damages.

Another great feature on the Keestrack crushers is the use of hydraulic Piston Pumps rather than the more traditional gear pumps - piston pumps lower fuel consumption by up to 25% and also allows the operator to move the machine while in operation.

Equip2 partners with quarries around New Zealand to help reduce their risk and increase Productivity and Profitability.


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Simon Johnston
Simon Johnston
Digital Marketing at Equip2, Simon writes about all things to do with Equip2. With a focus on innovation and technology in quarrying and the wider field of crushing and screening.
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