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Jaw crusher
Keestrack B4 Mobile Tracked Jaw Crusher in Quarry
Keestrack B4 Jaw Crusher

Keestrack B4 Jaw Crusher

High efficiency and high quality material outputs set's the B4 apart as a front line jaw crusher producing more crushed faces for the best per ton price with the lowest cost to run. Featuring technical innovations that bring running and maintenance costs down with less downtime.

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NSS OM Jaw System

Keestracks patented NSS  (Non-stop overload safety system) is a hydraulic and electronic safety protection system that will progressively open the swing jaw to its max (but not excess max) opening to prevent overload or damage and pass through any uncrushable objects that could damage the jaw system. The NSS system will also regulate feeding to prevent overload while it clears the object and resets to its original settings.

Fuel Efficient

The B4 uses Keestrack's proven load sensing hydraulic pumps to save fuel. The system automatically detects where hydraulic power is needed and adjusts to suit. Only energy that is needed is produced saving fuel by reducing load when it's not needed..

Mobile and Adjustable

The B4 can be tracked around the site while continuing to crush material without any loss in power to any component, due to the load sensing pumps only delivering power where required. Additionally crushing settings can also be maintained and adjusted while tracking.

E-Machine Capable

The B4 is efficient and powerful and can be made more efficient with an e model available. The B4e takes the all the B4 features and design and turns it into a Diesel-Electric Hybrid even more efficient than a Diesel only engine and adds the ability to be run from a generator or plugged directly into the grid.

Key benefits
Keestrack B4 Jaw Crusher with Double Deck Pre-Screen
Double Deck Pre-Screen

With the addition of a double deck pre-screen the B4 can be set up to remove fines before getting to the primary crushing compartment, increasing performance and reducing unnecessary wear. It also allow for splitting out an additional specified product prior to crushing.

Keestrack B4 Jaw Crusher with Sliding Hopper
Sliding Hopper

Slide the main hopper, feeding unit and pre-screen back 600mm to easily access the pre-screen mesh and jaw crusher for maintenance and easier wear part replacement.

Keestrack B4 Jaw crusher Magnet Belt
Magnet Belt

Large hydraulic magnet belt for removing unwanted material after the jaw crusher. Hydraulically lifting so you can easily removed any unwanted material the may jam underneath it.

Keestrack Remote Control 10 Function
Remote Control

The Keestrack Remote gives the operator the ability to remotely adjust important crushing settings, track the machine during operation and emergency stop the machine all from his cab. The flexibility of the remote gives superior control and production.

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Domex Steel Frame

Domex steel is both stronger and lighter than most other hardened steels used in machine frames. This makes the B4 lighter but still stronger than other models of jaws. It also makes it easier to transport.

Large PLC
Operator Friendly PLC

Featuring a large 7" LCD Screen the PLC unit is easy to navigate and use for making adjustments to the crusher and carrying out maintenance. It also has a simple start up and shut down sequence which sequentially starts up the machine and its components in the correct order.

Operating Weight 46,000Kg
Engine John Deere 6.8 HF G82 - 212 kW at 1,800 rpm
Capacity 5m3
Feeding Height 4,070mm
Feeding Width 2,680mm
Feeding length 2,740mm
Decks Double Deck - 3 way split
Width 1,000mm
Length 2,300mm
Opening size 1,100mm x 700mm
Outlet adjustment C.S.S. 45mm - 160mm
Feed size 0-600mm
Jaw Crusher Hydraulic management with N.S.S.
Throughput Capacity 400 TPH
Width 1,000mm
Stacking height 3,800mm
Operating Width 5,900mm (With pre-screen conveyor)
Operating Length 15,590mm
Operating Height 4,070mm
Transport Width 2,700mm
Transport Length 14,500mm
Transport Height 3,290mm
Optional extras
Remote Control

The 10 Function Radio Remote control adds productivity to any site allowing operators in cab to adjust the machine on the fly without having to get out and manually adjust crushing operation or track the machine. It also has an emergency stop button increasing site safety.

Dust Suppression

The dust suppression system prevents unwanted dust and particulates from entering the operation and wider area. Sprays the main conveyor and fines conveyor.

Sensortechnik Belt Scales

See a full production overview with the Sensortechnic Optical Belt Scales. On-site and remotely track production according to the product with quick and easy readouts and adjustment and important statistics like machine uptime all in real time. No need to waste time weighing each bucket. Learn More.

After screen with re-circ conveyor

Fit a after screen to separate out the over-sized product and send them back to the crusher to be re-crushed and get a perfect sized material on the ground as an end product.

Side Pre-Screen Conveyor

The side pre-screen conveyor allows you to seperate out the fine and mid fraction material from the double deck pre-screen giving you an added product on the ground.

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