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Jaw crusher
Keestrack B3 Jaw Crusher with K4 Scalping Screen

Keestrack B3 Jaw Crusher

Boasting the largest Jaw opening in it's size range the B3 is an ideal Primary Crusher for operations looking to maximise their productivity potential. The B3 features many of Keestrack innovations in the Jaw crushing range like the NSS jaw crushing system, automatic wear recovery and a large eccentric throw. 

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NSS Jaw Safety System

The NSS (Non-stop overload safety system) is a hydraulic and electronic safety protection system that will progressively open the swing jaw to its max opening to prevent overload or damage and pass through any uncrushable objects that could damage the jaw system.

Automatic Wear Recovery

The automatic wear recovery system checks the set CSS and readjusts the to the correct CSS every 50 hours, this can also be done manually as needed. The system ensure consistent quality and size of crushed materials.

Fuel Efficient and Quiet

The lowest fuel consumption on the market at only 15-18 litres an hour; save money on fuel and further lower cost per tonne. At maximum crushing output the engine run's at 1,800 rpm's producing low noise emissions for crushing in urban or sensitive environments.

Huge Jaw Opening

Featuring a large Jaw opening of 1,000 x 650 mm the B3 crushes large material as easily as it leads in the 30 ton range of crushers. Additionally it also features a real CSS minimum of 45 mm making no compromise in quality and versatile crushed products.

Designed to Last and be Maintained

The B3 features a bolted together and modular frame making it more flexible on rough terrain with no cracking of heavy welds and less overall stress. All components of the B3 are designed with maintenance in mind like cheek plates made to be utilised more efficiently, large ground clearance and hydraulic moving components for easy access.

Key benefits
Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

Linked to the Jaw crushers working pressure system and sensors the B3 can setup to automatically manage its own feed giving the optimal flow to the Jaw. It can also be adjusted manually by the operator from the PLC.

Reversible Jaw

Reverse the Jaw to clear blockages or use it to produce different designed products, the hydraulic Jaw motor allows reverse movement for long periods; up to 24 hours.

Specialised Pivoting Plate

The use of a special pivoting plate give the B3's Jaw an aggressive crushing movement to crush the hardest and most difficult materials to the correct CSS.

No Wedges

Precision full hydraulic adjustment system allows for setting the swing Jaw to a fraction of a millimetre, no need to use wedges to achieve the exact setting. Additionally it can all be done from the control panel.

Steel Hydraulic Lines

Steel Hydraulic lines are routed throughout the machine were possible. Steel hydraulic lines are stronger, safer and easier and quicker to repair if broken. Steel lines also have a better cooling effect on the oil, increasing oil life especially in hot climates.

Operator Friendly PLC

Simple to use, easy to run. The PLC makes it easy for an operator to pick up and run the machine to it's full production potential, displaying important information, easy to adjust controls and pre-programmed buttons for safe and simple start-up and shut-down reducing wear and tear.

Operating Weight 30,640Kg
Engine John Deere 6.8 HF G82 - 153 kW at 1,800 rpm
Capacity 4m3
Feeding Height 3,700mm
Feeding Width 2,300mm
Feeding Length 4,100mm
Integrated Pre-Screen 1,450mm x 920mm
Opening Size 1,000mm x 650mm
Outlet Adjustment 920mm
Feed Size 0-500mm
Swing Crusher Hydraulic and Electronic Management with NSS
Main Conveyor
Width 800mm
Stacking Height 3,100mm
Operating Width 5,525mm (With pre-screen conveyor)
Operating Length 12,300mm
Operating Height 3,700mm
Transport Width 2,570mm
Transport Length 12,435mm
Transport Height 3,100mm
Optional extras
Remote Control

The 10 Function Radio Remote control adds productivity to any site allowing operators in cab to adjust the machine on the fly without having to get out and manually adjust crushing operation or track the machine. It also has an emergency stop button increasing site safety.

Dust Suppression

The dust suppression system prevents unwanted dust and particulates from entering the operation and wider area. Sprays the main conveyor.

Sensortechnik Belt Scales

See a full production overview with the Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scales. On-site and remotely track production according to the product with quick and easy readouts and adjustment and important statistics like machine uptime all in real time. No need to waste time weighing each bucket. Learn More.

Side Pre-Screen Conveyor
Width 500mm
Stacking Height 2,595mm
Fuel Filling Pump

Fill up quickly with a Fuel filling pump which connects to the PLC and remote to make filling a breeze. Features automatic stop and 3 micron water resistant absorbent media.

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