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Tailored Finance for Business.

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Get a Finance package that fits your business and goals. We can offer Finance Lease, Hire Purchase and Operating Lease agreements on all our equipment and help you find the solution that has the best benefit for your business.

Competitive Rates

You'll get access to Competitive rates from our finance partners who specialise in asset based finance for large machinery and operations.

Know Your Costs

We'll help you figure out the true cost of Equipment finance, running and production. We won't just give you the finance cost, but the real life costs of running a mobile plant, its potential returns and what's needed to be profitable and grow.

Know How

With our extensive training and experience working with big to small quarries and everythingin between we have the knowledge to make your quarry operation run at the optimum balance, increasing the productivity of your quarry and improving your financial performance!

Calculate your Finance

Designed as a guide only, This calculator will help you to understand what you will be paying using a Finance Lease. What more information? Contact us for more details.


Understanding Finance

Finance isn't the easiest to understand with different terminologies and solutions available. Below are some of the most common finance solutions explained. Each have their own specific benefits depending on the application, If you need more detail and advice contact us or your financial advisor.

Finance Lease 1
Finance Lease

A finance lease is Lease without all the extras. There is often no upfront deposit required, but meeting credit criteria and a well thought out business case to secure funding is a must. A residual payment is often required at the end of the term, see our calculator above to estimate costs.

Hire Purchase
Hire Purchase

A hire purchase agreement is what the name says. The differences to a finance lease is that while the machine is under the agreement it is treated as a leased machine, and will have some requirements to be met like a leased machine. At the end of the term you will own the asset.

Operating Lease
Operating Lease

A operating lease is similar to a finance lease in nearly all aspects but the agreement is to only lease it and at the end of the term you can choose whether to buy it by paying the residual payment or not. In this case the finance company sets the residual to pay to own the machine, often towards the end of the term based on its worth.

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