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Classifier Screen
C6 Wash plant in chip plant production
Keestrack C6 wash plant setup with multiple feeds
C6 Washing mobile plant in a chip plant

Keestrack C6 Classifier Screen

The biggest of the Classifier screens in the Keestrack range, the C6 is made for high production. Available in a 2 deck or 3 deck screen configuration capable of making a 3 way or 4 way split of products alone. Add in the ability to make this a mobile wash plant with bolt-on parts and you've got a sophisticated setup of high-quality production.

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Wash Plant

Turn the C6 Classifier screen into a capable mobile wash and screening plant. The C6 has 8.1m2 of wash and screening surface on each deck making it very capable of producing a 3 way split of washed products on the standard double deck or 4 with the triple deck option.

Load Sensing Hydraulics

The C6 features Load Sensing Hydraulics which guarantee fuel savings compared to other standard hydraulic systems. Expect a 20 - 25% saving in fuel and longer service intervals for oil and components as the pumps increase efficiency and reduces strain. 

Easy Maintenance

The C6 is designed with maintenance in mind and features things like a filter sealed engine compartment to prevent dust and debris from entering. Large access doors to main engine components like air, oil, and fuel filters, batteries, starter and main switch. 

Key benefits
Hydraulic Adjustment
Hydraulic Adjustment

Hydraulically adjust components like the Grizzly Screen angle, Screen angle, under screen conveyor and side conveyors. They also feature folding ability to aid transportability and can all be operated using hydraulics from the PLC or Remote.

C6 big easy to change deck screens
Fast Screen Change

Easily change screens on the C6 with easy removal and replacement. Tensioning bolts with disc springs on the rear and centre of the screen enable quick setup.

Keestrack Remote Control for C6
Remote Control

The Keestrack Remote makes using this machine as easy as sitting in the cab. Track the machine and adjust screen and hydraulic adjustable settings on the go without having to adjust them at the machine control panel.

C6 Wash Decks and Large decks
Big Decks

Each deck has a total screen area of 8.1m2. With the double deck that makes 16.2m2 of total area and the triple deck gives a huge 24.3m2 of screening area.

Operating Weight 33,000Kg
Engine Caterpillar C4.4 TA - 85 kW at 1,500rpm
Capacity 8.1m3
Feeding Height 1,750 - 3,520mm
Feeding Width 1,800mm
Feeding length 4,500mm
Tipping Grid Angle Hydraulically Adjustable
Belt Feeder
Width 1,200mm
Screen Box
Decks Triple Deck - 4-way split
Length 4,500mm
Width 1,800mm
Fines Conveyor (Under Screen)
Width 1,200mm
Stacking Height 3,700mm
Fine Middle Fraction Conveyor (Left)
Width 800mm
Stacking Height 4,680mm
Coarse Middle Fraction Conveyor (right)
Width 800mm
Stacking height 4,350mm
Coarse Conveyor (Left)
Width 650mm
Stacking Height 4,000mm
Main Conveyor
Width 1,200mm
Operating Width 17,800mm
Operating Length 15,700mm
Operating Height 4,680mm
Transport Width 2,550mm
Transport Length 14,300mm
Transport Height 3,100mm
Optional extras
Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scales

See a full production overview with the Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scales. On-site and remotely track production according to the product with quick and easy readouts and adjustment and important statistics like machine uptime all in real time. No need to waste time weighing each bucket. Learn More.

Washing System

Add washing capability featuring 72 nozzles each with a 40 l/min capacity. Total wash ability is 170 m3/h at 2 bar at the flange. Each 2" line at the deck can be closed with a ball valve, 5 lines for the top deck and 4 lines each for the lower decks.

Remote Control

The 10 Function Radio Remote control adds productivity to any site allowing operators in the cab to adjust the machine on the fly without having to get out and manually adjust crushing operation or track the machine. It also has an emergency stop button increasing site safety.

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