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Equip2 is always looking for talented personnel to join the team.

As this is a continually growing company, we will be looking to employ the best people for the benefit of the team and the individual.
At Equip2 we offer a great working atmosphere and we have an excellent team!

Equip2’s requirements:
- 100% OHL. Obedience, Honesty and Loyalty
- On time
- Commitment to the company’s Mission and values (view on our About us page)

Current positions that are being considered filling:

No positions needed at the moment

If you feel you could be a benefit to our team, please fill out the form to your left for an interview. Please note all information will be treated as confidential.

Fast delivery to site with the most reliable models of tried and tested crushers
means Equip2 stand for quality and service, both of which will not be compromised for any reason.